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Greek language courses

Greek language courses learn Greek in Tinos! Greek language lessons for people who want to learn Greek in a fast and effective way. You can book an intensive...

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Wine pairing in Tinos

Wine pairing A truly unique experience In the workshop, which lasts about two hours, you will come in contact with wine issue of “Tinos Wines”, with labels...

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Tinos for foodies

TINOS FOR FOODIES Food tour in Tinos old Town (Chora) Is there a better way of getting to know a place other than its local dishes? Immerse yourself in...

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Bike tours

Bike tours Meet Tinian heart of nature, overlooking the stone walls, the Aegean and the villages on a bike. Wonderful experience for those who love nature...

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Cooking class

Cooking Class Immerse yourself in the culinary history and practices of Tinos with this 2 hour traditional cooking class on Tinos. Visit the house of a...

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