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Trippy Tinos Tours
Welcome to, your guide for carefree excursions and safe transportation to one of the most beautiful destinations in the Cyclades.

Tours of Tinos
Discover the hinterland of Tinos with our excursions. After this experience, you will fall in love with Tinos island.

Village Hopping
Discover the inland of Tinos with this day tour.

Exo Meria Sunset
Enjoy the sunset and your afternoon walk at the villages of “Exo Meria”.

Transfers in Tinos’s transport services are the ideal choice for safe and luxurious transport. Book a minivan for your transportation with a professional guide in Tinos island.

Transfers in Athens’s transport services are the ideal choice for safe and luxurious transport. Book a minivan for your transportation with a professional guide in Athens Greece.

Bus Transfers
Our tourist office has privately owned luxury modern vehicles of the latest technology, certified by the provisions of the relevant Greek Legislation, which we rent with a driver.

Walking Tour in the Old Tinos town
Discover places and areas of scenic Tinos of the past, its old mansions and its paved paths.

Hiking tour – Trekking around the Castle
A Trekking route around the “Exombourgo” Mountain, where are the ruins of an old castle.

Hiking tour – Through the rocks
A trekking route around the villages “Volax”, “Myrsini” (or Musulou) and “Falatados” Mountain.

Custom Hiking tour in Tinos
Guided walking / hiking tours for reasonably fit and active types who enjoy the outdoors and who want to experience the best of Tino’s beauty, culture, and cuisine.

Wine Tasting in Tinos
In our visit we will have the opportunity to taste the famous wine accompanied by local delicacies.

Cooking Class in Tinos
Immerse yourself in the culinary history and practices of Tinos.

Jeep Tour in Tinos
Discover the hidden secrets of Tinos on an 8 hour jeep safari. Get breathtaking views as you drive to beautiful beaches and rural villages.

Bike Tours in Tinos
Meet Tinian heart of nature, overlooking the stone walls, the Aegean and the villages on a bike. Wonderful experience for those who love nature.

Tinos Food Tour
Immerse yourself in the authentic Tinian cuisine on a food and walking tour along the picturesque alleyways of the old town and discover how local tradition is featured in every single bite.

Wine Pairing
In the workshop, which lasts about two hours, you will come in contact with wine issue of “Tinos Wines”, with labels from Tinos.

Greek Language Courses
Greek language lessons for people who want to learn Greek in a fast and effective way.

Car Rentals
Discover the beauties of Tinos driving a rental car. Choose from the available categories.

Enjoy your holidays in Tinos with the best service and comfortable stay.

Concierge Services
We are next to you, even before arriving at the island, listening to your needs and desires and offering you top services during your stay in Tinos.

Contact for more information, bookings and detailed information.

About Trippy
The team of is committed to organizing an unforgettable experience. Exciting diving experiences, trekking trips as well as great hotels and car rentals.

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