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The northern Cyclades unfold the deep blue waters and welcome you to the island of Aeolus, Tinos. “Ydrousa” or “Ofiousa, as Tinos is known, is the jewel of the Cycladic beauty. Innumerable villages with cobbled paths and squares, traditional churches that come through the color of the stone walls, the pigeon houses “Peristerones” that are still retained and cause admiration, the endless beaches that cover the entire island, all these create memorable images . The wild beauty of Tinos in conjunction with traditional and artistic warmth that emerges from every corner of the island, reward even the most demanding visitor.

All these are accompanied with great food! Local delicacies such as “fourtalia”, “louza”, gruyere and the flavour they give to all the local dishes in conjunction with wine from local grapes, complete the puzzle of a magnificent genuine Cycladic island …

Tinos is the fourth largest island in the Cyclades and one of the nearby Cycladic destinations. Dedicating time to get to know the island, one is rewarded the most with the traditional village style, the wild and unique beauty of the landscape, the artistic aura hovering at each hideout from where passed Nikolaos Gizis, Nikiforos Lytras, Giannoulis Chalepas.

Starting from the town of Tinos, you will distinguish the imposing church of Our Lady of Tinos, which is a religious destination for every believer. The old street that leads to the church, full of tourist shops is always crowded, while Pallada, the small alley with restaurants, cafes and bars welcomes you throughout the day offering fine dining and entertainment.

Continue your tour to the full of secrets villages of Tinos. The villages Agapi, Arnados, Aetofolia, the Volax with huge stones scattered in the valley, Kexros, Kalloni and Komi, Kampos and Tarambados with “Peristerones” the pigeon houses, Kardiani, Ktikados, Loutra, Marlas , Purgos with the Marble Museum and the Faculty of Arts, Monastiria, the coastal settlements of Ag.Fokas, Kionia with the Temple of Poseidon, Ag.Romanos, Ysternia, Panormos, Kolimbithra,, Skylantari, Porto Ag.Ioannis with the vast sea areas, the exotic Livada, Pahia Ammos … all these and many others cover the expectations of visitors and offer an unprecedented experiences and pictures.

Mapped trails for hiking, water sports and scuba diving, add a touch of renewal and development activities on the island for nature lovers and extreme sports.
After a busy day, the night is full of fun at the bars and the clubs of the island with drinks and music for all tastes …. Until dawn.
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